Kuami Eugene Goofed; Fandoms Are Important To Any Musician In the 21st Century

Shatta Wale, Kuami Eugene and Stonebwoy

Lynx Entertainment’s signed musician, Kuami Eugene has stated in two separate interviews zionfelix.net has monitored this week that the organized fandom of some musicians in Ghana is attributing to the struggles of the music industry.

According to him, Ghana’s neighboring brothers and sisters from the fatherland of Nigeria are relatively doing better and breaking barriers than the musicians here because they don’t have such fandoms.

These assertions from the “Ohemaa” hitmaker are very laughable and a total fallacy.

Now to the cracks of the matter, music now is more than just entertainment, lyric, a video, or a soundtrack.

In America now, the fandoms of top musicians like Drake ‘the Team Drizzy’, Taylor Swift ‘Swifties’, Justine Bieber ‘Beliebers’ are very much organized.

Ironically, they are much more organized than the Shatta Movement, the Bhim Nation, the Sark Nation, and others we have in Ghana, which Kuami Eugene sees as a problem for which the Ghana music industry is suffering. However, the music of these top musicians and their music industry out there is doing way better than that of Ghana and Nigeria he talks about.

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Not too long ago, the fans of Drake started a new dance craze just to hype a song on his album, those of Taylor Swift also went out in their numbers to register and vote in the 2018 midterm election because she encouraged them to do so.

Again, Beyonce last year chalked huge success with her Beyonce Coachella performance (better known as Beychella) because her many fans, who go by the name ‘ Beyhives’ went out in their numbers to support.

Cardi B’s ‘Bardigang’, Rihanna’s ‘RihannaNavy’, Katy Perry’s ‘KatyCats’, Lady Gaga’s ‘LittleMonsters’, the ‘Beliebers’ of Justin Bieber, and Cheryl Cole’s ‘Soldiers’ are a few major fandoms of these major and record-breaking musicians who are certainly not Ghanaians.

The fact, therefore, is that having a fandom does not in any way make either the musician or the music industry they belong to suffer. If it does anything, then it makes them and the industry stronger and better.

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The problem of the Ghana music industry has nothing to do with fandoms but rather, the musicians should work hard to break barriers with their songs and artistry while their fandoms push them out there with their full support.

The likes of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, and Stonebwoy have been doing a little better on most of the online music platforms because their fans have been pushing their songs and streaming it. (note ‘a little’ because they have more work to do).

Kuami Eugene certainly goofed with his remark that it is not something that is seen around the world, especially when his only reference was Nigeria.

The one thing which very much important in the things he has been saying is the need for these fandoms of the various music stars in Ghana to eschew violence and the unnecessary insults on social media and work harder to push their stars out there.

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