Omar Stone – De Rise Album

                                         Omar Stone – De Rise Album

This album has a lot for the hard hustling youth who want to live the money life and how to make it happen.

To act u have to have plans in place which SOBOLO song talks about on the album and as we all know everything has a process of the happening of which one of such is making a day and nights useful because the grind goes deeper than we think as put in 365 song. Sleepless and Run up a check on a regular basis for the bills determine the hustle. When u put all to use, you will surely see the Rise from grass upward.
When it starts getting saucy, we should remain focused and live life our way and not copy others because we might not like the end result. In all this, there is this I got emotional when writing, Oneness, that’s living in harmony with all people no matter the class, race, religion or beliefs because we are all images of the ONE.
The Rise album has a lot to offer so get your copy and live the money life your way.
OMAR STONE… Prrrrrrrrr…Powa💥

Track List

Omar Stone – Money Life (Prod by KonnectBeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – Sobolo (Mixed by Konnectbeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – De Process (Mixed by KonnectBeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – The Rise (Mixed by KonnectBeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – Run Up A Check (Mixed by KonnectBeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – 365 (Mixed by KonnectBeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – Live Life Your Way (Mixed by KonnectBeatz) [Download]

Omar Stone – Oneness (Mixed by KonnectBeatz) [Download]


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